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Artist, Vendors and Performers!!! Help Us Promote the Art Fair in 3 easy steps!

  1.  RSVP for yourself (through the facebook event page). 
  2. Invite your friends and family to RSVP (through the event page).  
  3. Ask your friends and family to invite their friends and family (through the facebook event page) and so on!

*Note: Be sure to go to the invite page. click INVITE – Choose Friends – add all your local friends and click invite, then share it on your timeline!
To get even more exposure, paste the event URL right into your timeline and then tag a couple friends in the post and ask them to come.

Other ways to promote the Art Fair!

  1. Like & share the Studio 23 Facebook page.
  2. Join our mailing list:
  3. Join & share our online groups: &
  4. Tag yourself in the event’s artwork when applicable.
  5. Social Media Shares: Tweet Twitter: @Studio23gallery & Instagram (etc) it! @studio23gallery @alamedaartfair  
  6. Hashtags: #studio23gallery, #alamedaartfair 
    #bayareaartists #sffuncheap #artfair #artistmarket #freeconcert #livemusic  See more below…
  7. Distribute show posters and flyers when available. (Extra invites are available to pick up at The Local Cafe and Lucky 13 Bar in Alameda.
  8. Add the event to your personal website &/or facebook page.  Be sure to add the link:
  9. Add us as a friend on Facebook.  If you do not like us just remove us after the show.  We won’t be offended!
  10. Jess:  

Visit the Press Page to get more fair information, the official press release, artwork & more.




More Hash Tags!

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