2024 Vendor Registration


Event Date: Sunday July 7th @ 11-5pm

Registration Deadline: Sunday June 30th @ 11:59pm

Vendor Poster Pick Up: (TBA)

Please reach out to with any questions. Return 2022 & 2023 vendors, you should be in the system from last year. You can always reset your password. Please carefully read through this entire page before registering.

We are looking for artists, creative vendors, builders, performers, and makers!  Our fair is special in that we encourage all artists to make art right at their booths during the fair.  There will not be chiropractor booths, plastic junk souvenirs, bouncy castles or children in plastic hamster balls.  This is an art fair and maker market.  There will be many fun activities for children and they will be creative and art focused.


Requirements For All Vendors:

* All spaces are 10x10ft unless we have worked out something special with you.
* All vendors need to provide their own tables, chairs, shade canopy or umbrella.
* Proper weights (like sandbags) are required to hold down umbrellas, tables and canopies.
* Weights are also required for any lose or light items on your table. (Think small rocks, paper weights, etc.)
* We will not be shutting down Oak Street this year. All vendors will be within the parking lot. We will get approved/paid vendors an info packet by June 25th.

* Artist Demo:  $95 /
“Artist Demo”= Artists spend 10-15 minutes doing a short demo about their creative process at their preferred time

*More about Artist Demo Space: An Artist Demo could be putting the final touches on a painting already in progress, inking in a rough sketch or short example of your craft technique while making jewelry, sewing, knitting, etc. You do not need to lug out a bunch of equipment for this or prepare a long detailed speech. We just want a short demonstration of your personal creative process at the time you have picked. You can post a sign up in your space to let patrons know the time you plan to do your demo.

*Important: Artist Demo Booths have priority over Sales Booths.
(Example: painters, sculptors, community art projects, hair braiders, henna artists, makers, visual, spoken word, performance art & more).

* Sales Booth: $170/
“Sales Booth”= You are selling art and/or other hand-made creative items. No mass produced products please.

Application Tips

Use the following tips below to help your chances of getting space!
> Artist Demo Booths & Community/Collaborative Art Project Booths have priority over Sales Booths.
> Provide photos of your booth from a previous show and/or a booth mockup of your planned layout.
> Provide images of your services, art or merchandise. Art related services and/or merch will rank higher.
> Fully complete the application with no missing information.
> Provide a full & clear description of your services, art project and/or merchandise.
> Make sure to check for emails from us. (check spam folders)
> Let us know in the Application Description Field if you have any special needs or requirements.
> Most of our announcements are made via email, social media and on our website. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.
> We are not accepting applications from face painters. You can be put on a waiting list as a face painter in case of last minute cancelation.
facebook.com/alamedaartfair | http://artpush.org | http://studio23gallery.com | meetup.com/Alameda-Artists

Space is limited and all vendors must be reviewed and approved.
1. Your application must first be approved in order to pay for your space.
2. We may not approve your application immediately. Vendors who apply before June 15th will be notified via email by or before June 21st to proceed to payment if they have been approved.
3. Be sure to mark & as safe. Be sure to check spam folders.
4. Applications will be reviewed in the order they come in.
5. Submitting an application does not automatically approve your application. Only paid vendors have reserved space.
6. Once full, you can " target="_blank">request to be put on a waiting list. You usually won’t get a ton of advance notice in this case, but we will do what we can to let you know as soon as we know.

Be prepared to complete the online application process. We will need the following information:
1. Full Name
2. Company/Booth Name
2. A photo of your booth stand, merch and/or service
3. Website and/or Social Media page
4. Contact information / Phone & Email
5. Any special needs or requirements. (Please add this in the description section)
6. Photos of your products and or booth (low res for web)
7. Once approved you will need to turn in your waiver. We will send instructions.

Requirements For All Vendors:
* All vendors need to provide their own tables, chairs, shade canopy or umbrella.
* Proper weights (like sand bags) are required for umbrellas and canopies.
* Weights are also required for any lose or light items on your table. (Think small rocks, paper weights, etc.)
* Be clear about your services, projects or merchandise in the application.