Volunteer Positions

We are looking for volunteers to help the the art fair. All sales benefit ARTPUSH, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Art Fair Volunteer Positions
Exact times and some details may change slightly, we will do our best to keep everyone updated.  Tasks may vary depending on what is actually needed that day.

* Coloring Contest Volunteers 10am-5pm

(Full Day 10-5:30pm & Shifts, 10-2pm / 3-5:30pm are available)
More details will be sent to you once you have confirmed.

  1. 10AM Setup supplies.
  2. Hang signs: Contest entry cut-off time. (Signs will be in a folder w/ supplies)
  3. Coloring contest volunteers decide the winners!  Detailed instructions are on the website!  “For Judges Only” https://www.alamedaartfair.com/coloring-contest/
  4. Announce winners at stage at 2pm.
  5. 5PM Clean up area and organize supplies.

* Studio 23 Gallery Volunteers:

– Experienced volunteers only (Full Day 10-5:30pm | Shifts 10-2pm / 3-5:30pm)

  1. Help with gallery setup, placing signs, no food, payment options & limit to 10 people in gallery at a time.
  2. Make signs by hand if still needed.
  3. Assisting sales to patrons. We will have 3 payment options: Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo or cash.  Wes will go over the process with the gallery supervisor. More details about sales procedure TBA.
  4. No one is allowed in the very back of gallery (behind the curtain).
  5. [Confirmed Gallery Volunteers] can submit to the 100 under 100 Group Art Show and no commissions will be taken during the Art Fair Soft Opening!  You will still need to enter into the show officially at https://www.alamedaartists.com/submit-art/#100 before June 28th.

* Beer & Wine Tent Volunteers: Morning & Afternoon Shifts

– Experienced volunteers only. Must be 21. (Shifts 10-2pm / 2-5:30pm) Volunteers still needed: 4 depending on shifts.

  1. Assist Staff/Bar backup.
  2. Make sure table-top signs are visible. (Ticket Sales Sign, Ticket Sales Location & Tips)
  3. Assist staff with pouring.
  4. Fill-in during breaks.
  5. Help keep area clean, organized & stocked. (Cups, napkins, cleaning rags, trash bags)
  6. Replace trash when needed. Full bags go behind the stage area, near the black iron fence.
  7. See art fair layout diagram!

* Morning Traffic & Vendor Unloading Supervision:

(Shift 9-12:30pm) Volunteers still needed: 4
>See art fair layout diagram!

  1. Give vendors unloading instructions and parking directions. (see map)
  2. Help place traffic signs & cones.
  3. Unloading Instructions 1. Unload 2. Park Vehicle 3. Come back To Set-up.

* Morning Set-Up:

(Shift 9-12:30pm) Volunteers still needed: 4
>See art fair layout diagram!

  1. Check in with & Assist Morning Supervisor.
  2. Setup Coffee & condiments table right outside the studio. Make a sign, Free coffee!
  3. Distribute balloons along Oak Street, Up both Alameda Ave & Encinal Ave all they way to Park St.
  4. Setup, bubble machine.
  5. Distribute more Art Fair posters along Park Street. Take tape with you.
  6. Distribute & Setup Large Tables
    -Stage Area x2, Ticket Sales Table 1, Seating/Dining Area & Coloring Contest Area (x2)
  7. Unlock Shed & Distribute Chairs (Red chairs are in the shed)
    -Stage Area(2-3 tall), Ticket Sales (2 red), Coloring Contest Area (x12), Dining Area (x12)
  8. Setup tents, make sure they are weighted down with sandbags.
  9. Setup bistro tables & chairs in dining area.
  10. Tape printed & place table-top signs up around the fair: Coloring Contest, Stage area, Beer & Wine tent & Ticket Sales Area. Signs include Sponsors, Directional (Parking, bathrooms, fair layout etc).
  11. Clean/Stock Bathrooms. Switch out trash if needed. Place full/tied trash behind stage area, near black iron fence.
  12. Check in with station supervisors before your shift ends: Coloring Contest, Stage Area, Beer & Wine tent, Ticket Sales Area, Food Tent & Bathrooms. Ask if anything is needed

* Afternoon Clean-Up / Tear-Down:

(Shift 4-5:30pm) Volunteers still needed: 6
>See art fair layout diagram!

  1. Check in with and assist Afternoon Clean-Up / Tear-Down Supervisor.
  2. Collect balloons along Oak Street, up both Alameda Ave & Encinal Ave all they way to Park St. (take scissors)
  3. Remove the extra posters placed along Park Street (just our block).
  4. Wipe down large banners on the fence. Leave them out so they can dry.
  5. Collect Art Fair banners (once clean & dry). Then roll ‘um up & place in back room of Studio 23.
  6. Collect any Studio 23 signs.
  7. Remove & save (if salvageable) printed signs taped up around the fair.
  8. Gather & Windex plastic table-top signs.
  9. Take down/ clean bubble machine.
  10. Thoroughly wipe down & pack up large tables, bring inside Studio 23
    -Stage Area, Ticket Sales Table, Beer Booth, Food Tent, Seating Area & Coloring Contest Area
  11. Wipe down & collect chairs. Red chairs in the shed.
    -Stage Area(2 tall), Ticket Sales, Coloring Contest Area & Dining Area.
  12. Thoroughly wipe down & pack-up bistro tables & chairs. Stack tables in studio 23, red chairs go to the shed.
  13. Pull down tents and collect sandbags. Place tents back in the appropriate cover & place in Studio 23 back room.
  14. Check in on all station supervisors before your shift ends: Ask if anything is needed
    STATIONS: Stage Area, Ticket Sales, Coloring Contest Area, Dining Area, Bathroom, Food Tent, Beer & Wine Tent
  15. After vendors are packed up, do a walk through to be sure there is no trash left.

Volunteer Perks

  1. Free coffee from Julies Coffee & Tea Garden, while it lasts!
  2. Every volunteer receives a lunch & drink ticket.
  3. The reward of knowing that you supported your artist community!
  4. Undying gratitude from ArtPush.org
  5. Gift Cards to Flax Art Supply & Design Oakland Store! https://flaxart.com

Please contact Wes and Jess to find out more!