Coloring Contest

2018 Coloring Contest Winners! Photos by Nick Wadler
More coming soon!



Every year the Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market hosts an all ages coloring contest with amazing prizes provided by Flax

Get a head start on this year’s coloring contest!
(See coloring sheets below)

6 awesome designs by 3 local artists will be available here online and around town.  We will also have pages available at the fair.

Important contest information below. Terms and conditions apply.  See rules and contest details below.


Choose from these great designs! 
Click on a coloring page to enlarge it and print.

Chesire Cat | Bunny Tick | Selfie Stick By 3 Dot Gallery’s Dave Sylvester


Art Fair Classic: Freida &  Sunny by Studio 23’s  Jessica Warren | Friendly Lord Zondar by Wesley E. Warren

Coloring books and monster books will be available to purchase by Dave Sylvester at this year’s art fair, visit 3 Dot Art Gallery for more information.

Jessica Warren’s book, “A New Home For Sunny” will be available at Studio 23.  See Jessica! Each book comes with your own plantable seed paper!

Visit Friendly Lord Zondar or go see him in real life perched over the masses at The Local in Alameda!


*How To Play

  1. Color your entry at the fair or bring it in!
  2. Hang it on the Official Studio 23 Coloring Contest Entry Wall!
  3. Have your entry on the wall no later than 2:00PM


One winner per age catagory.  All winners will be announced between 2:30PM-3:00PM

* Meet The Judges!
Jess & Wes. Owners of Studio 23. 

3 Dot Gallery


* More Details

Ages 1-5, Ages 6-10, Ages 11-16, Ages 16+  (4 winners total!)

* One entry per person.
* Winners must be present to receive their prize.
* Submissions must be posted to the wall by 2:00pm.
* No entries will be accepted after 2:00pm.
* Winners will be called out live by the DJ between 2:30pm-3:00pm.
* Be near the DJ Booth at 2:30PM to listen for your name!

(If you have already left, your prize will go to the next winner in line)
* Names and email must be clearly printed on the coloring sheets. (Kids have your parents help)
* Must be the official 2018 Art Fair & Maker Market coloring sheet.
* Give your entry to a 3Dotter or Studio23er to post on the wall or post it yourself! 

Note: At the fair and can’t find anyone to post your entry? Find some tape, a clear spot on the official entry wall and hang it yourself!  
We will leave some masking tape out on the coloring table for you to use.
Entries posted to the wall after 2:00PM will not be accepted. 
We will be collecting entries off the wall at 2:00 sharp!

Prizes vary. Each bag is unique. Most contain gift cards as well.

Coloring Contest “Hall Of Fame”
The Mayor Trish and Studio 23 Artist Wesley E. Warren announce “The Coloring Contest Winner” from last year!  Maybe it will be you this year!


Behind the scenes: Judges & Volunteers
Things get a little nuts during judgment time. This schedule is to help the contest go more smoothly for everyone.

Part 1

Before 2pm

  1. Help keep coloring pages and art supplies organized on the official coloring contest table in front of Studio 23.
  2. Masking tape will be placed on the table and just inside the Studio doors to hang entries on the wall.
  3. After an entry is complete, tape it to the wall.  (or direct the parent where to tape it up).
  4. One entry per person.
  5. DJ Delicious will announce reminders to get entries on the wall by 2:00 throughout the day.  Huge announcement reminder at 1:45pm.
  6. Have prize bags already set up at the DJ booth in a box.
  7. Repeat the DJ announcments at the coloring table at 1:30pm, 1:45pm. (Basically giving the kids a count down)
  8. 1:55 Post Sign: CONTEST IS OVER!  Winners announced at the DJ booth at 2:30pm. Place signs on coloring table and the wall.  
  9. Pull down entries at 2:00pm sharp, no entries will be accepted after 2:00pm.

Part 2


  1. Pull entries off the Official Studio 23 Coloring Contest Entry Wall.
  2. Be careful when pulling down entries and pulling off tape to not rip the pages. 
  3. Make sure tape is completely off the backs so pages do not stick together once stacked.
  4. Divide the pages into 4 seperate stacks by age category.  Use a paper clip to keep them divided.
  5. Draw a star on the top corner of each age category’s winning page.  That will be a total of 4 stars. 1 star per age category.
  6. Add 2 runner-ups to each age category (in case of no shows). Place those directly behind the winning entry.
  7. Layer the 4 stacks you created by age category, youngest to oldest.
  8. Hand the final winning entries and runner-ups in order of youngest to oldest to the DJ by 2:30pm sharp.

Stacks will look like this…

Stack 1: Ages 1-5 (Winner+ 2 runner-ups)
Stack 2: Ages 6-10 (Winner+ 2 runner-ups)
Stack 3: 
Ages 11-16 (Winner+ 2 runner-ups)
Stack 4: 
Ages 16+ (Winner+ 2 runner-ups)

Part 3


  1. DJ Delicious announces the contest winners are being announced.
  2. DJ Delicious thanks Flax Art Supply in Oakland for the awesome prize bags!  
  3. Wes, Jess and keeping our fingers crossed, The Mayor Trish should all be at the DJ booth to hand the bags over.
  4. DJ announces the first winner.
  5. Wait a total of 3-5 minutes for that winner.  Try calling out the name several times over the mic. If it’s a no show, go to the runner-up for that age category.  
  6.  Grab a photo of Wes & Jess and/or The Mayor with the winner with their Flax bag.

Note: Winners can leave with their winning entry after their photo has been taken. Be sure to get a close-up shot of the winning coloring page too (We need name & age info for later on).  
Winners and entries will be posted to the facebook event page and website.