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Most questions can be answered in the 2019 Vendor Packet. Please carefully review the packet before emailing, texting or calling.

Download the 2019 Vendor Packet

You determine your arrival time by your booth number. Every booth is located within a zone. Your booth number will tell you what zone you are in. Use the map in your vendor packet to determine your zone and loading time. Booth numbers will be emailed to you a week (but probably earlier) before the day of the fair.

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We can not let any vendor set up with out their signed waiver. This can be mailed or dropped in our mail slot with your deposit. Alternatively you can also print it, sign it, take a photo of it and email it to subject=”waiver”.

Snail Mail To: Studio 23 2309B Encinal Ave. Alameda, Ca, 94501

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We will be emailing out your booth number to you several weeks before the show. We have a rough idea by orientation however things can slightly change. We will do our best to keep you updated on your booth number via email long before the art fair day.

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We provide the space only. Please bring your own canopy, tent and or umbrella, tables and chairs.

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Your security deposit is $20. Paid via check or cash only. Security deposits must be paid before the day of the fair. ASAP (pls). You can mail your security deposit to Studio 23 or drop it in our mail slot in person.

Studio 23 2309B Encinal Ave. Alameda, Ca 94501

Please include your name, company and contact info with your deposit.

You will receive an official art fair badge in return for your security deposit. At the end of the fair, a staff member will check and return your security deposit.

Cash will be returned, checks can be ripped up.

*Note: You can also mail in your signed waiver at this time as well.

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Yes. The link and information is provided in your vendor packet.

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